The Bannock Business

The Bannock Business

The Bannock Business to You Gotta Eat Here

Food Network's John Catucci makes bannock at Kekuli Cafe So it all started back in 2005…my fiancé & I had just been laid off our respective jobs, and when you get laid off, the survival mode kicks in, and you come up with a million ideas! What am I going to do this summer to make some extra cash? Working in the school district was very rewarding, because I worked with First Nations students & their parents, to do what it takes to keep their kids in school! But now it was time, to take that leap of faith, and jump into my dream of opening a restaurant.

One issue, I needed money, money and money. So we decided to take my bannock recipe & skills & open a bannock stand at Westside Daze. After that, our dear friend Mike at Vista Ridge Carwash, said we could use his concession at the carwash.

Kekuli Cafe the Early Days Patricia Sam's Bannock Stand

Patricia Sams Bannock Stand

Our dream is to be the first Kekuli Cafe Franchise!IMG_3582 Brining Indigenous food across Canada!

“Don’t Panic…We Have Bannock”! ®

Kekuli Cafe is the place to gather,

We love our diversity, the unity & the food to feed your spirit!

The Pow “Wow” Experience at your service!