Best Place to Eat in Merritt BC!

If you’re new to Merritt BC, the beautiful Nicola Valley, with history so rich, you will want to stay forever!

If you’re looking for food, fresh, fast, casual and fun! Check out Kekuli Cafe Merritt!

“Don’t Panic, We Have Bannock!” Their menu is frybread tacos, Venison Melts on Bannock, and also a little Vegetarian mix in there as well! Kekuli Cafe, serves up amazing Organic Coffee & Espresso Drinks! The gourmet Bannock in amazing flavours made in house, like the Saskatoon Bannock, Skor Bannock or the Maple Glaze, is absolutely amazing!

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Come see who has frequented Kekuli Cafe Merritt! Indigenous Actors/Actresses from all over Canada!

Kekuli Cafe Merritt BC