Standards Of Business

Our Mission

Achieve happy guests by inspiring every person to provide an exceptional

authentic Indigenous Food & Cultural Experience. 

Our Core Values

Honesty: In everything you do

Truth: In everything you say

Respect: Everyone and everything around you 

Courage: To use your voice and speak up

Wisdom: To know your customers are your #1 source of learning. 

Humility:  Having consideration for your Kekuli Krue teammates and customers

Love: What you do & Have Fun! 

Kekuli Krue

The Kekuli Cafe staff are hired because of their great personalities and attitude. We look for outgoing enthusiastic people who love working in the restaurant and tourism industry. Sometimes we get asked if you have to be Aboriginal to work here, no you don’t, we are an equal opportunity employer, who hire anyone who wants to work in a fast-paced growing franchise company. 


Community, Culture & Customers

Our Customers

When Kekuli Krue is fully empowered, we acknowledge, respect and connect with our guests. It is about human connection, we live, love & laugh, and ensure our guests are getting fresh food fast. 

Our Stores

Kekuli is the place to gather, to meet & mingle, a place where we feel we can belong. Your home away from home, to meet friends, to celebrate with families to immerse yourself in culture and ambience. Kekuli is full of compassion & humility.

Our Community

Kekuli Cafe is part of a community, and we strive for a culture of food & ambience by getting to know our neighbours, guests and teammates. To create a sustainable business, to embrace relationships/partnerships and contribute to our community in a positive way.  Our standards for excellence are very high.