Tasty Indigenous Canadian Restauraunts

Indigenous Food from Kekuli Cafe

Imagine, 10 years ago, all we knew was tasty food at a Pow Wow! Now, you can taste Indigenous Food, almost, all across Canada in our Indigenous Communities.  Canada is missing the real deal, food from the lands.

First Nations peoples, lived off the lands and taught  settlers how to survive harsh winters and we hunted, fished and harvested berries, roots and teas. Our ancestors invented many medicines that are more modernized these days and they knew what to eat and not to eat off the lands. Our settlers were happy with their new found skills in Canada’s harsh winter survival.

Now we have brought our food to the mainstream! That is what Canada has been missing. We love our ethnic cuisines on every street corner, in every town and city! But we didn’t have First Nations foods.

What is First Nations Foods?

What is First Nations foods? Its food from waters, the skies, the land, the roots of the underground. The time has come to show Canada, that First Nations people are sustainable, we strive and create jobs, business and education in our territories.

Kekuli Cafe started out in the early 2000’s, we wanted comfort food, homemade food, all food made fresh in-house! People are looking for fresh ingredients and fast! We offer fast-casual dining and we work hard at staying unique, real, strive for customer service excellence.

marketingBe ready for Kekuli Cafe to come to a town or city in your province! Our goal is to franchise across Canada in every province, for your authentic fast casual dining experience!

Franchising Opportunity

We are always looking for First Nation Economic Development opportunities in communities, where First Nations are building Gas Bars/Restaurants, Casinos, and Malls for growth for their communities.

Tasty Indigenous Cuisine, 2 locations to serve you, “Don’t Panic…We Have Bannock”! If you’re having a   #BannockAttack  go to Merritt BC or Westbank BC! See you there!

Thank you to the @FoodNetworkCanada for this link to great Canadian Indigenous Restaurants in Canada!