What really happened that day? Food Network’s ‘You Gotta Eat Here’ Segment

What really happened that day? Food Network’s ‘You Gotta Eat Here’ Segment

“Don’t Panic…We Have Bannock” on Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here What really happened that day?

Camera! Action! Lights???

What is it like to be on National TV? Awesome of course! But the weirdest feeling, is cameras in your face, it really does put this overwhelming, scare the crap outta you kind of feeling! Like, omg, is there something on my face, is my make up okay, does this shirt look alright? Did I wear the right outfit? Not, oh ya, this is about the bannock! haha!

A2J6SfqCUAIvB5F.jpg-largeWhen the Lone Entertainment, Food Network’s ‘You Gotta Eat Here’ Krue came into the cafe, bright n early, to set up their cameras & lights, my vision board request, was becoming a reality. Like, who would really believe that you had a vision board because of watching the movie “The Secret” back in 2008, well I did! I also had that I would be in a cookbook! Surprise! (thats another story)

That first day on the set, was getting to know everyone, and that this these 2 “Krues” had a job to do! To create our 5 minutes of fame for National TV. We’re of course all a little nervous, who wouldn’t be? We were hooked up with microphones, the lights were spread around the restaurant. There was Lone Krue of about 6 people. I remember, Monique, the lady that kept everything rolling, going & organized! Don’t ever ask her to powder your nose! That’s not her job 🙂 Then Jim Morrison, who is the creator of “You Gotta Eat Here”, is one of the easiest going people, I met. He makes you get into real character, & the comfort of being on TV, starts coming naturally.

Here comes John Cattucci, with his plaid shirt on, knife & fork in back pocket, his quirky antics & a sincere smile on his face! OMG reality is setting in, and the cameras start rolling, were having laughs & nervous laughs, cooking bannock, & tasting the Buffalo Bannock Burger, & Berry Bannock Pudding. Now, I know what filming for TV is all about! Why you need 2 of everything in the same bowls, so it looks like it just popped in the oven and seconds later, it pops out of the oven! Done!

The funniest moment was when John was cutting into a fresh hot piece of bannock…and I had to tell him to be careful, it’s hot! He burns his fingers and yells “Oh S#!@!” Thanks for telling him.! haha

392053_10151421028767738_1735827836_nThe most embarrassing moment, was when, we were leaving the kitchen line, and I was walking into the back of house, (office area, behind the kitchen), & Rey our store Manager was behind me, while I stepped over the huge 12 foot light, Rey decided to subliminely move it out of the way, and keep walking, as the whole light stand FELL OVER!!! Crash! Boom! Bang! Smashed all over the kitchen! Everyone jumped out of the way, screamed…how embarrassing! Rey said I did it, I said NO I did not! She seemed to think she didn’t even touch it! So an hour later of laughing our butts off with embarrassment, and blaming each other, we thought, OMG, we have cameras, lets check them and see who really did it??

Well lo’ and behold, it wasn’t Sharon, it was Rey! The Lone Eagle Entertainment Krue, were very accommodating and said everything was okay. (sure)…Thank God, everything was okay, I thought “oh no, great there goes our TV show!”

Thanks for this new boost on business! We sure are appreciative of this great opportunity that the Food Network’s ‘You Gotta Eat Here’ with John Cattucci has provided!