You Gotta Eat Here!

You Gotta Eat Here!

It all happened back in January 2012…

  • We received a phone call from Lone Eagle Entertainment
  • We were recommended by Tourism BC & many of our Kekuli Fans
  • Being on the Food Network was actually on my Vision Board back in 2008! I had the Food Network logo on it, and to our amazement in 2012, we were chosen to be on You Gotta Eat Here (YGEH).
  • I would say it was one the most life changing moments for our restaurant to be featured on YGEH!

We’ve had such great support from our communities, family and friends, who have given our restaurant a chance. What was Bannock? What would a First Nations person actually serve at a Bannock restaurant? We had many interesting questions from customers and people who actually just walked out the door on us, expecting us to serve Kangaroo or Butter Chicken!

It was nerve wracking, opening a First Nations restaurant, there has not been many First Nations restaurants in Canada that we could ask how did they do it, what did they serve? We built our restaurant from scratch, two people, with perseverance, a dream, & wanting to be their own boss, (other than our customers are our bosses), (and I’m bossy to Darren) and (Darren is the Minister of Finance, last line of defence), we have built and continue to grow Kekuli Cafe, thanks to YGEH, featuring a First Nations restaurant on the Food Network, proud Chefs, and Restaurants are opening up all across Canada. YGEH, is like a long running commercial for us, getting our word out there, spreading the love for our food, Bannock, culture and people! A sustainable restaurant that works hard for their money.